Being digital means knowing your customers behaviours and expectations and developing solutions inside and outside your business.

What's digital transformation?

We are enabling NSW government to use technology to work in new ways and solve problems that weren’t solvable in the past.

Digital transformation is about:

  • technology and processes that allow agencies to be agile and fast - websites, apps or code and being creative in our approach to solving problems
  • rethinking how to use new capabilities to improve customer service - evidence based on a problem experienced by a user, rather than based on assumptions of those tasked with solving it
  • being open to evaluating your entire way of doing business - rethinking and re-designing the processes and interactions between customers and government from the ground up
  • Contributing to new frontiers of value - not just taking paper forms and putting them online or building apps or websites.

What's digital government?

A government that is:

  • open and responsive to the needs of the people it serves
  • data driven and agile
  • mindful in the services it offers
  • services are smart, simple and seamless
  • operating like a platform
  • making data, APIs and resources needed to work as part of an ecosystem available
  • partnering with the community and agencies to provide best services for customers.

How are we helping NSW government with digital transformation?

NSW customers expect a high standard of experience with government services that matches their experience with private sector services.

We are working on building services that are digital by default. We’ve already made substantial changes to improve digital service delivery.

We help digital organisations achieve transformation with:

We advise agencies, through:

  • digital.nsw platform
  • providing advisory services to departments
  • providing services
  • partnering with departments
  • providing a catalogue of opportunities.

We’re showing that:

  • transformation is possible
  • putting users’ needs first = better outcomes
  • its important to hire or train people with digital skills
  • this new way of working produces better outcomes and reduces risk
  • working in the open, collaborating and using open data all help to accelerate transformation.

Providing a clear strategic direction

We’re doing this by:

What does success look like?

  • we show the benefits created for the people of NSW across the entire government system
  • NSW government services are consistently smart, simple and seamless
  • services are designed around user needs and accessed in a format most suitable to those needs (not digital only, services are also available face to face and on the phone)
  • every time government builds something digital, it is shared and reused
  • digital capability increases across NSW.
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