In NSW, we are committed to using digital to put more power in the hands of citizens and deliver better services.

Since 2012, the NSW Government has been building the foundations for a digital government. Our vision is to transform life in NSW by designing policies and services that are smart, simple and seamless.

The Strategy sets out three priorities for how we’ll approach the design and delivery of next-level, user-centric public policy and services.

Customer Experience 

We are improving how customers experience government services, including non-transactional services and public policy. Digital transformation means recognising the user is at the centre of our business and designing solutions that put the user first.

There are four digital standards to ensure we deliver on our promise to improve customer experience. Services must be:

  1. Digital by default
  2. Designed around user needs
  3. Integrated and seamless
  4. Accessible


We are designing policies, services and all strategic decisions around data insights where possible.

To achieve this, we are:

  • Developing robust data management practices
  • Maintaining digital and accessible datasets
  • Sharing government-held datasets for collaborative use

The four digital standards underpinning the use and management of data in digital government are:

  1. Data-informed decision-making
  2. Open
  3. Real-time and spatial
  4. Observing data sharing provisions

Digital on the Inside

Becoming digital on the inside means transforming our internal processes to realise efficiencies across NSW Government. Government processes can be complex and daunting for users and we are committed to changing that. We are working toward joined-up, efficient and streamlined public services, which means improving our internal processes.

There are three digital standards we are working toward to becoming digital on the inside:

  1. User centric
  2. Streamlined processes
  3. Automated where appropriate

Download the digital strategy

The strategy was released in May 2017. It outlines a vision and roadmap for transformation under three priorities.

Download the NSW Digital Government Strategy

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