Cyber Security Awareness Resources

Cyber Security NSW provides a range of cyber security awareness materials such as digital posters, and guidance materials. Topics covered include phishing, passwords, remote working and Wi-Fi security. 

The below links are available to download and distribute across your NSW Government agency or council. 

If you would like to repurpose these for your NSW Government role or would like additional information, please contact the Awareness, Training and Resilience team [email protected]

Cyber Security Tips

Top 10 Cyber Security Tips

Top 10 Tips – Case Studies

COVID-19 and Cyber Security

Cyber Security Facts

Cyber Security Facts 2020

Cyber Security Facts 2019

Passwords and Passphrases

Are your passwords safe?

Phishing Awareness 

Something phishy about your email?

Does this look like usual business?

Working safe remotely

WFH and COVID-19: secure yourself

Working from home or remotely?

Securing Wi-Fi

Guide to secure your home network

Keep your home Wi-Fi secure?

Additional resources

Webcam safety

Physical security

Questions Boards and Risk Committees should ask about Cyber Security

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