Our Purpose

The 2021 NSW Cyber Security Strategy replaces the NSW Cyber Security Strategy and the NSW Cyber Security Industry Development Strategy 2018, combining both into one overarching cyber security strategy for NSW. This strategy aims to outline the key strategic objectives, guiding principles and high-level focus areas that the NSW Government will use to align existing and future programs of work.

The NSW Government has developed a comprehensive, sector-wide cyber security strategy to ensure the services we provide are secure and uphold the integrity and trust of the citizens that use them; creates a culture of cyber security resilience, and that industry receives the support it requires to grow and meet the increasing demands of a fast-growing sector. 

Furthermore, the NSW Cyber Security Strategy aims to complement and extend upon Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy 2020 strategic outcomes and initiatives. The NSW Government is committed to supporting the desired outcomes of the strategy by:

1. Developing and implementing cyber security initiatives across NSW to preserve and improve the:

  • resilience of government services, systems and infrastructure to cyber threats
  • continuity of government during and following cyber incidents
  • protection and security of digital assets and services for citizens
  • coordination of our response to merging cyber threats across state government and Australia

2. Developing NSW’s cyber security industry into a globally competitive, innovative ecosystem that drives jobs and economic growth across the state by building:

  • a solid talent pipeline
  • a fit for purpose workforce
  • an inclusive procurement policy that grows sovereign capability
  • collaboration and partnerships between academia, industry and government
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