Our Strategy at a Glance

The cyber security sector has a dual role to play in the digital economy: to defend and protect the economy and underpin it's growth. Cyber security is the spine of a strong digital society, providing a trusted environment necessary to grow digital transformation and the confidence needed to advance digital adoption. At the same time, strong cyber capability protects the economy from losses due to cybercrimes and builds the foundational capability to grow the emerging digital technology sector. 

As a result, it is our vision for NSW to become a world leader in cyber security: protecting, growing and advancing our digital economy.

In order to achieve this vision, there are four principles that we will consider when we execute our strategy:

Lead by example in best practice and cyber resilience

There is an opportunity for the NSW Government and its agencies to lead by example in adopting and exceeding best practice in cyber security. We need to be accountable in adhering to and exceeding the mandatory cyber security requirements we set within NSW Government through the NSW Cyber Security Policy.  To achieve this, we will establish greater accountability amongst our agencies to adhere to these requirements.

Be progressive and proactive to allow cyber workforce to expand

We need to be progressive and ‘widen the pipeline’ when we recruit for cyber security professionals and commit to reducing the barriers of entry and create opportunities for under-represented groups to join the workforce. Throughout our consultations, we heard loud and clear that the development of a skilled, diverse workforce will be an important part of creating a strong cyber security industry in NSW. To build and sustain a skilled cyber security workforce, there needs to be focus on encouraging diversity across gender, ethnicity, neuro-spectrum and geography as well as seeking out talent from different fields of study. 

Additionally, COVID-19 has also accelerated the progression of remote working and digital adoption ranging from business social media platforms to complex business operating systems. These changes have demonstrated not only the potential for, but the significant opportunity for the growth of cyber security professionals to work in a geographically fluid manner. This provides the opportunity for skill transfer between regional communities and large metropolitan areas.

Seek opportunities to grow cyber industry commercialisation

There is a need to create enhanced opportunities for innovation and commercialisation so we can generate a higher risk-appetite for adopting emerging cyber security services and products. This will be reliant on the ability for both industry and government to share vulnerabilities in order to drive the direction of research and innovation.

Provide practical support to reduce barriers to business growth

There is an ongoing need to provide businesses with the tools, connections and opportunities necessary to grow. We need to break down barriers by facilitating pathways for industry to better access government, potential collaboration partners and industry networks. We also need to provide industry with the tools and knowledge needed to proactively engage with potential opportunities with reduced barriers to entry.

Learn more about how this strategy will impact you if you are:

A NSW Government agency

C1: Increase NSW Government cyber resiliency

Lead by example in best practice and cyber resilience

C1.O1 Provide co-ordinated leadership for best-practice cyber security guidance, services and advice across government.

C1.O2 Promote roles and responsibilities across cyber security, privacy, safety and resiliency for NSW Government agencies and external partnerships.

C1.O3 Instil a culture across government of greater individual and collective cyber security accountability by implementing best-practice cyber security training, awareness and governance across government.

C1.O4 Be proactive in managing cyber security risks and threats.

C1.O5 Lead by example in continual uplift and improvement of NSW Government cyber security maturity against the NSW Cyber Security Policy.

A NSW Cyber Security business or start-up

C2: Help NSW cyber security businesses grow

Be progressive and proactive to allow cyber workforce to expand

C2.O1 Improve access for local cyber security businesses to government.

C2.O2 Clarify minimum cyber security requirements as part of NSW Government’s procurement processes for digital products and services.

C2.O3 Collect more data on the NSW cyber security industry to support sound policy framework and capability promotion.

C2.O4 Enable a strong continuous pipeline of start-ups and scaleups by building a strong innovation ecosystem, strengthen relationship with industry and increase visibility. 

C2.O5 Expand NSW business opportunities by connecting NSW cyber businesses with precincts, smart cities and major infrastructure projects.

C2.O6 Establish channels to connect cyber businesses to key sectors that requires specialised capabilities (e.g. Defence, transport, health, space, manufacturing, financial services etc.)

C2.O7 Support business to adopt digital technologies by promoting cyber security and enabling business cyber resilience.

Looking to skill or re-skill into a cyber security pathway

C3: Enhance cyber security skills and workforce

Seek opportunities to grow cyber industry commercialisation

C3.O1 Address the cyber security sector’s skills gap by providing a program to enable students to work and train in cyber security roles.

C3.O2 Advocate diversity in the cyber security workforce by increasing industry awareness of the benefits that such diversity provides.

C3.O3 Support education pathways by providing relevant cyber security training, certifications and education courses across high school and vocational institutes.

C3.O4 Support effective learning by ensuring that content in current training, certification and education meets the needs in the market

C3.O5 Ensure a continuous talent pipeline by introducing early interventions to promote cyber security to younger generations

C3.O6 Grow regional cyber workforce by expanding resources for regional schools to teach technology subjects.

A cyber security researcher or innovator

C4: Supporting cyber security research & innovation

Be collaborative on shared cyber security issues and solutions

C4.O1 Lift NSW research capability by encouraging collaboration between industry, government and research sector.

C4.O2 Attract research investment by actively promoting NSW research capabilities, leverage the activation of precincts, the NSW Cyber Hub and international network.

C4.O3 CSCRC membership which works to deliver R&D capability for both NSW and Commonwealth, together with Industry and Research partners.

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