Help NSW cyber security businesses grow

The growth of the cyber security sector in NSW is key to the growth of the digital economy. The NSW Government recognises that cyber security underpins the trust in digital adoption and enables a rapid digital economy transformation which helps NSW to be globally competitive and kept at the forefront of innovation.

Our Strategic Objectives:

  1. Improve access for local cyber security businesses to participate in government procurement processes.
  2. Clarify minimum cyber security requirements as part of NSW Government’s procurement processes for digital products and services.
  3. Collect more data on the NSW cyber security industry to support sound policy framework and capability promotion.
  4. Enable a strong continuous pipeline of start-ups and scaleups by building a strong innovation ecosystem, strengthen relationship with industry and increase visibility.
  5. Expand NSW business opportunities by connecting NSW cyber businesses with precincts, smart cities and major infrastructure projects.
  6. Establish a cyber security network connected to key sectors (e.g. Defence, transport, health, space, manufacturing, financial services etc.) 
  7. Support business to adopt digital technologies by promoting cyber security and enabling business cyber resilience.

How we will achieve our objectives:

In order to achieve our objectives, we will focus on the 7 key areas:

  1. Connect NSW cyber businesses to resources, workshops and opportunities for mentorship to improve industry competitiveness and strengthen the ecosystem. 
  2. Assist businesses in accessing international opportunities through collaboration with the Commonwealth, foreign governments, bilateral business councils and Global NSW programs.
  3. Leverage the internationally based NSW Trade and Investment Commissioners to raise the global profile of, and promote the capabilities of, the NSW cyber security sector.
  4. Support the establishment of industry clusters in Special Activation Precincts including Regional Job Precincts to support a pipeline of cyber security start-ups and scaleups.
  5. Expand NSW business opportunities by connecting NSW cyber businesses with precincts, smart cities and major infrastructure projects.
  6. Facilitate collaboration pathways between industry, research government.
  7. Provide opportunities for businesses to engage directly with government procurement leads.

Programs and Initiatives

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