Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to deliver significant benefits to government, industry and citizens by generating intelligent data that can enable better decision making and provide better services. However the value of IoT is not guaranteed by its use alone. Its true value lies in its application – the way agencies use the information generated by IoT to improve service delivery and infrastructure across the State

The information collected through IoT sensors or smart devices can drive sustainability, liveability, workability, productivity improvements, economic efficiencies and innovation. This data can also be used to drive other advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, digital twins and machine learning.

The NSW Government is regularly ranked as the most digital-ready government in Australia. Effective deployment and use of IoT across NSW Government requires a consistent approach built on a common understanding of the opportunities, risks, obligations and best practice.

NSW Government’s Internet of Things Policy

The IoT Policy applies to all NSW Government agencies. It has been designed to:

  • demystify IoT for NSW Government project managers
  • encourage innovation with IoT solutions
  • build understanding and capability across government
  • provide practical guidance for those responsible for delivering IoT-enabled solutions.

The IoT Policy responds to the NSW Government’s growing interest in taking advantage of the efficiency gains and decision-making enhancements presented by IoT. However, it is essential that planning and executing an IoT-enabled project will ensure maximum benefits and minimal risks.

Structure of the Policy

The IoT Policy consists of an IoT Policy Statement and IoT Policy Guidance.

The IoT Policy Statement outlines the NSW Government’s position on IoT and principles to be applied by NSW Government employees when making decisions about the implementation of Internet of Things projects and systems.

The IoT Policy Guidance provides:

  • practical guidance to help organisations design, plan and implement IoT solutions
  • advice on standards and obligations where available and practical
  • tools and templates to help effectively manage an IoT-enabled project
  • guidance on where and how to source additional advice if required.

It consists of eight modules that align to an IoT user journey.

Below are two versions of the IoT Policy Guidance in Word and as a PDF.

IoT Policy Guidance (PDF, 3MB)

IoT Policy Guidance (Word, 2MB)