Module 6 - Procure

The NSW Procurement Policy Framework defines procurement (or sourcing) as the end-to-end buying process from needs identification to market engagement, contracting and placing orders, managing contracts and service provider relationships, and disposing of government assets.

The broad application of IoT, the relative immaturity of the IoT service provider market, and the lack of maturity and capability on the buyer side, can make procuring IoT solutions challenging.

This module covers:

  • best practice procurement - guidance on how to manage IoT-specific challenges in the procurement process and what to do if the perfect solution does not exist.  
  • designing specifications – the specifications released to market need to clearly state the outcome and the boundaries for IoT service providers to respond to. Guidance is provided on the key considerations when building specifications for IoT enabled projects.
  • managing procurement risks – strategies to avoid common risks when procuring IoT solutions.
  • data considerations for contracting – it is critical to clearly address data requirements in contracts with IoT service providers (i.e. data handling, ownership, quality, privacy and security, storage etc).
  • key contract terms for IoT solutions – key contract terms that should be considered when developing a contract for an IoT solution.

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