Module 7 – Set Up

This module covers:

  • change management - introducing new and innovative tools and practices such as IoT can result in periods of unrest for affected people including staff, customers and other stakeholders. While change can be exciting for some, for others change means loss, disruption or threat. This section provides guidance on internal change management to assist with managing change brought about by new IoT solutions in an organisation. Effectively managing the people and process side of an IoT-enabled project is essential for a successful implementation.
  • spatial data requirements - the NSW Government is developing a digital twin, or digital copy, of NSW. The NSW Digital Twin will provide the visual model upon which government, developers and residents are able to plan, develop and assess infrastructure (such as transport links), new community facilities, public spaces and homes. This section provides guidance on the spatial data requirements for IoT devices to ensure it can be absorbed into the NSW Digital Twin.
  • IoT deployment and configuration - The way that IoT is deployed and configured can have a significant impact on data quality and security.

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