Put customer at the centre

Our long-term goals

Imagine a government that anticipates your needs and delivers transparent, inclusive, easy to use services, accessible from anywhere. We believe that by accelerating an integrated digital landscape, we have a chance to become the world’s most customer centric government by 2023.

Putting customers at the centre of everything we do is about creating services that are trusted, easier and more effective. Our future is one where:

  • we provide personalised customer care to citizens and businesses particularly during times of hardship
  • all government services are accessible and inclusive for everyone, whatever age, ability or personal circumstance
  • customers only need to tell us once, or consent to us proactively anticipating their needs, creating frictionless services 
  • customers have a simple way to see and control all their data that government has, and get support from government on identity theft 
  • we are a resilient cyber safe government, protecting our customer information as cyber-attacks increase.
We are transitioning from a customer experience with government, to a customer’s experience in a digital society Damon Rees, CEO Service NSW

Building towards our future

Services designed based on customer needs

Our life journeys program is ensuring we are prioritising and designing services based on customer experiences, not government silos.

A central place for government information

Government information and data is consolidated via nsw.gov.au, which receives over 6.6 million visits per month, is easy to navigate and read becoming the main government information platform.

Support with cost of living, grants and rebates

We will continue to make it easy for our citizens and businesses to get help when they need it by refining Service NSW cost of living, grants and rebates services. This means building an integrated customer care model by using consistent connected digital channels, products and data sets.

Tell government once

The Government Made Easy Program gives customers the choice to reuse their data so they don’t need to repeat information about themselves or their circumstances over and over. So far, we've delivered 46 service improvements — well ahead of the target of 60 by 2023.

Trusted digital credentials and entitlements

We are developing a trusted ecosystem to make it easy for our customers to store public and private sector issued digital credentials (certificates, qualifications, licences, entitlements, eligibility). This will enable our customers to prove eligibility for government or non-government services and share entitlements and qualifications.

Improved connectivity and cyber security

The NSW connectivity strategy, coupled with the efforts of the Regional Digital Connectivity Program, will boost regional internet services by delivering faster and more reliable services to regional NSW.

We are safeguarding our communities by investing $315 million in cyber security uplift and we are introducing more services designed to support victims of identity theft.

Our strategic objectives are

Design services based on customer journeys

The NSW Government is making sure services are easy to use, accessible and help customers solve their problems. Connecting government services to significant life events, so customers don’t have to, increases service engagement and customer wellbeing.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

  • continuing the successful implementation of the Premier’s Priority Government Made Easy program which aims to reduce duplication and simplify processes, so customers only have to tell us once to get what they need
  • piloting ways to store and share public and private sector issued digital credentials, which will inform foundational technical infrastructure and policy
  • progressing with the child digital health record, a digital version of a child’s baby book, designed to securely store a child’s vital health information for access anywhere, any time
  • continuing the NSW Education Wallet Program to deliver a Learner Profile, the Skills Compare tool and Digital Qualifications to support students’ diverse learning and post-school pathways. We’re making it easier for students to engage across industry and government to validate credentials and share relevant experience
  • building greater customer experience and insights via the NSW customer experience platform and insights hub
  • creating a digital version of the birth certificate for the country, allowing our customers to easily access this important commencement of identity document, anywhere, anytime, in a secure way.
Government services are inclusive and accessible to everyone

Whatever your age, ability, or circumstances, we want you to be able to digitally connect to our services from anywhere at any time. We also want our services to be accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

  • improving regional digital connectivity via the NSW connectivity strategy and the regional digital connectivity program
  • implementing a whole of government accessibility framework, including clauses in government ICT procurement contracts
  • ensuring rural, regional, and remote schools are brought up to the digital equivalent of their metropolitan counterparts through its Rural Access Gap (RAG) program
  • closing the gap by bringing together governments and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities.
Strengthening transparency and trust

By being transparent and ensuring stronger protocols for privacy, ethical use of data and cyber security, we will increase our customers’ confidence in us.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

  • developing clear sets of data ethics principles for NSW Government
  • continuing to improve NSW government data governance through mechanisms outlined in the NSW Government Data Strategy, and tools such as the NSW Data Governance Toolkit
  • reviewing digital restart fund investments with the information and privacy commission and Cyber NSW team
  • continuing to uplift NSW cyber capabilities annually via implementation of the NSW cyber strategy
  • engaging and working with Aboriginal communities to understand the way Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Indigenous Data Governance principles can be included and applied in policy and practice.
Support citizens and business particularly during hardship

Where possible, integrate customer services, use consistent connected digital channels, products and data sets to make it easy for our citizens and businesses to get help when they need it and to provide proactive assistance.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

  • evolving our COVID response teams, digital products (grants and rebates) and services to be further integrated, proactive and easier for our customers to access
  • continuing to provide concessions, rebates and assistance via Service NSW
  • expanding the digital wallet features of the Service NSW app to include more credentials, licenses and certificates, such as COVID vaccinations and white cards.

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