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Cyber Security Summit NSW | Digital NSW

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Against an increasingly challenging cyber landscape, Cyber Security NSW has continued bolstering the cyber resilience of the NSW Government.

First annual Cyber Security NSW Summit

Cyber security

The inaugural Cyber Security NSW Summit provided a face-to-face professional development and networking opportunity for NSW Government staff

Cyber Security NSW 2022 Year in Review

Cyber security Data Digital

In 2022 Cyber Security NSW made notable achievements towards its vision of a cyber-secure NSW Government. Among a host of other

The Hon Victor Dominello MP, Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government at the The Cyber Insights Series

Cyber security Digital Security Service Delivery

Download Executive Summary – Cyber Insights Series As we've seen from the recent high-profile cyber attacks that have victimised millions of

Tony Chapman

Cyber security Digital

Can you tell us about your organisation and its purpose? Cyber security is a critical component of safeguarding public information, assets

Artificial Intelligence Cyber security Digital Procurement

Do you live in the state of NSW? Are you a business operating in NSW? Do you have a curious mind with an interest in all things Digital? If

Cyber security Data Security

In 2021 the acceleration of remote working and digital adoption continued, with working from home now the new normal for many Australians

Cyber security Digital Security Transformation

Cyberattacks were crowned the fifth top rated risk in 2020 and have become the new norm across public and private sectors. To help protect

Cyber security

2020 was a year of great resilience and adaptability. For most of us, Covid-19 dramatically changed the way we live and work; in NSW, and

Cyber security Digital

Cyber security awareness is important in protecting our digital systems and services across NSW Government and local councils. 80 percent of

Cyber security

Cyber security is critical in ensuring the NSW Government provides secure, trusted and resilient services. Cyber Security NSW provides an

Cyber security

The Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is investigating a widespread malware campaign known as Emotet