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Map actions to impact

Align on how initiatives deliver outcomes and identify ways to measure progress

Launch Miro activity

  • Time
    1 day
  • Casting
    Project team and stakeholders
  • Tool

Use for: Connecting actions to outcomes and measuring success

When: Before launch or during initiative

With: Project team and stakeholders

Resources include:

Example of activity

Activity guide

Understanding how the actions of an initiative contribute to outcomes is critical for making impact.

This activity aligns stakeholders as they map day-to-day activities against intended outcomes and data points to measure progress.

The Map actions to impact activity is based on the Theory of Change program logic model, and results in a Theory of Change that should evolve and improve over time.

What’s it for

Connecting actions to outcomes, and aligning on how you you can measure success. It's also an effective tool for uncovering hidden assumptions.

What you’ll get

Clarity and alignment on how and why the actions of your initiative lead to impact, and ways to measure progress.

When to do it

When you're designing a new initiative or planning evaluation of an existing one.

How it works

Before you start this activity

  • Select an initiative (program, policy, project, service)
  • Share and understand strategic priorities
  • Provide participants with key resources related to your initiative and reference material for Theory of Change (the PREPARATION panel has recommended resources)

Step 1: Align and prioritise outcomes

Step 2: Identify what we do to create expected change

Step 3: Map signs of service delivery to measure progress

What’s next

Once you’ve completed this activity:

  • Document your theory of change and share it with stakeholders via a project update
  • Book in regular reviews to see how your Theory of Change is aligning with what's happening in the real world



This activity was contributed by the Digital Enterprise Architect Team, Department of Customer Service