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Prioritise customer opportunities

Move out of researching and into action by deciding which customer opportunities to prioritise, and how they best fit together to deliver on project goals.

Launch Miro activity

  • Time
    4+ hours
  • Casting
    2+ team members and decision makers
  • Tool

Use for: Deciding on project direction
When: You have multiple opportunity spaces from your research
With: Your team and decision makers

Resources include:

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Activity guide

Generative research can produce a vast array of insights and evidence, making it difficult to determine the best solution to your problem. Use this activity to help your team and decision-makers move from Discovery to Alpha by aligning on the direction of your project. Next stop: designing and testing prototypes that deliver on your project goals.

What’s it for

Prioritising the opportunities that will be the focus of your design and delivery work.

What you’ll get

A plan that tips you from Discovery/Research into Alpha phase where you can start prototyping and testing a variety of ideas.

When to do it

After you’ve come up with potential solutions or opportunity spaces based on your research evidence and insights.

How it works

Before you start

  • Generate Opportunity Canvases (here’s a good opportunity canvas example) for each opportunity, featuring key insights, user pain points and opportunities from your research. This should be refined so you can easily view and refer to it at the start of the activity.
  • Identified your key decision makers.

Step 1. Agree on how the group will prioritise the opportunities

Step 2. Prioritise opportunities

Step 3. Map opportunities to action

What’s next

  • Start exploring and testing multiple prototypes that address your prioritised opportunities.



This activity is contributed by Hamish Stead, Digital Service team, Department of Customer Service.