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Research kick-off

Set your research up for success by working with stakeholders to define the most important elements of your project.

Launch Miro activity

  • Time
    1-2 hours
  • Casting
    Project team + stakeholders
  • Tool

Use for: Aligning on key aspects of your research
When: Before research starts 
With: Project team and stakeholders

Resources include:

Research kick-off

Activity guide

The research kick-off gets project teams and stakeholders on the same page from the very beginning. This activity will generate discussion around the fundamental parts of your research and provide direction for the development of a research plan.

What’s it for

Stimulating discussion and making decisions about the fundamentals of your research project with stakeholders and those doing the work.

What you’ll get

Decisions about the problem you’re solving, what success looks like and high-level project logistics.

When to do it

At the very beginning of any project that will involve research.

How it works

Before you start this activity

Identify the stakeholders for the project and those that will be doing the work.

Step 1: Defining the problem

Step 2: Defining success

Step 3: Identify critical risks and considerations

Step 4: Drafting responsibilities and rhythm

What’s next

  • Work with your project team to build out the detail around the activity outputs.
  • Send out invites for your regular meetings with stakeholders and the team.
  • Start generating your research plan.



This activity is contributed by Rich Brophy, Digital Service team, Department of Customer Service.