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Research plan

Use this template to document your plan for conducting research.

Download Word template

  • Time
    60+ mins
  • Casting
    2+ team members
  • Tool

Use for: Defining your plan for research

When: Before you’ve started any research

With: Your research team

Resources include:

Preview of research plan document

Document guide

A good research plan helps you plan and define your research goals.

Your team, stakeholders and participants benefit from a clear research plan. It lays out the path ahead, identifies key activities and gaps in your thinking, and aligns teams and stakeholder on the intended outcomes of the research.

This document will guide you through the typical segments of a research plan.

What’s it for

Documenting your plan for research, enabling alignment and visibility for your team and stakeholders.

What you’ll get

A source-of-truth document for your research that can be reviewed and iterated as the project progresses.

When to do it

After you have been given an initial project brief, but before you commence any official research activities.

How it works

Before you start

  • You should have workshopped or drafted the problem you’re trying to solve or the opportunity space to explore.
  • You have a goal for the research.

Step 1: Go through the template filling out the sections of the research plan. Keep it clear and in plain English.

Step 2: Present back to your wider team and stakeholders so you can get buy-in for your research and your team’s next steps.

What’s next?

  • Commence research activities
  • Regularly review and update your research plan as the project progresses.



This document is contributed by the Digital Service team, Department of Customer Service.