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Service blueprint

Map out the end-to-end experience of a service and the moving parts and processes that make it possible.

Launch Miro template

  • Time
    1 day
  • Casting
    Design team, stakeholders, frontline staff
  • Tool

Use for: Documenting a service
When: You need a shared, holistic view 
With: Designers and those delivering the service

Resources include:

Preview of service design blueprint

Template guide

The way we deliver services is complex, and often, not completely visible to any one person. The Service Blueprint can be used to map the current, target or future state of an end-to-end experience.

This template helps you look at not only what the customer experiences but the teams, systems, process, legislation and data that enables this experience. Completing it will help the team align and make informed decisions about the service.

Use the current state to synthesis and document research, the target state to map out the first release and the future state to demonstrate your desired “North Star” service

What you’ll get

A holistic view of the end-to-end service, and very likely, opportunities to improve it.

When to do it

When your team is trying to understand how a service is actually delivered, or is trying to design a better version of what already exists.

How it works

Before you start

  • Complete research focused on the service and how it’s used and delivered

Step 1: Add all the inputs from your research to the blueprint.

Step 2: Invite other stakeholders such as business analysts, IT and frontline staff to help complete the map.

Step 3: Review as a group and identify any missing pieces or opportunities.

Next steps

  • Depending on what you’re using the service blueprint for you may choose to present it back to stakeholders, commence prototyping



This activity was contributed by Service NSW Digital Ways of Working team, Department of Customer Service