User research communications

Use the templates to draft your communications for research participants before, during and after your research activities.

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  • Time
    15+ mins
  • Casting
    1+ team members
  • Tool

Use for: Generating communications  
When: Preparing for research activities
With: Research participants

User research communications

Document guide

Communicating with research participants can be time consuming. These templates are a handy shortcut to drafting communications specific to your team and project, and showing you what, when and why to communicate with participants.

What’s it for

A collection of communication templates you can use when you engage with users, instead of drafting them from scratch.

What you’ll get

Communication templates you can adapt and re-use for all your research activities.

When to do it

The templates can help you prepare comms before, during and after your research sessions.

How it works

Before you start:

  • Complete your research plan.
  • Plan your recruitment and identify participants.
  • Approve any remuneration or reimbursement payments you’re offering, including the method of payment.
  • Approve consent forms.


Step 1: Identify what stage you’re at in your research process

Step 2: Use the table of contents in the document to find the template that aligns with your goal

Step 3: Copy the template and adapt it to suit your project


What’s next:

By using these communications you will be ready to execute research.


This document is contributed by the Transformation team, Department of Customer Service.