Maintain and improve

This is the post-live phase of your service. The service has been launched and you're actively maintaining and monitoring it. You're sharing your learnings and reusable patterns back across government. You're tracking service analytics and user feedback and using them to identify potential improvements.  

At this phase the standards ask you to:  

  • keep the service in good order so it works for users  
  • decide how to improve the service  
  • circle back to the plan and discover, and design and build phases, to address other problems or opportunities related to the service.

Reuse and repurpose

Monitor, manage, evolve

  • Track the performance of your product or service against the outcomes and metrics you set to measure its success. Capture and act on the information and data you gather to make improvements or changes. Add future improvement opportunities to your backlog. 
  • Test any new features or changes you make.
  • Document any changes you make to the product or service and tell your customers, stakeholders and leaders about it. 
  • Maintain the service, such as running security tests, updating content and checking WCAG compliance. 
  • Monitor anything that may impact the service such as policy, law and technology changes. 

Be open, accountable, collaborative

  • Share what you've learned and your research.
  • Be open with customers about your service, terms of use and conditions including how they can manage their personal information. 
  • Publish data by default and protect it where required, in line with the NSW Government Open Data Policy
  • Share achievements and failures with the whole team. Reflect on what you can improve on for future projects. 


The Design System team are on hand to assist you with any query you may have at any phase in your project delivery, please reach out to us on [email protected] for assistance or to provide feedback. 

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