Establish metrics

Identify the right metrics

Metrics are measurements that tell you how well something is performing.  

  • Design meaningful metrics to tell you whether your service is achieving what you intend.  
  • Plan how you will measure performance from the outset.  
  • Track what works and what doesn’t, and measure customer satisfaction. 
  • If you are improving a service, you can use existing data that made you aware of the problem or opportunity in the first place, as a baseline for your metrics.  

Collect and use data

Consider upfront what data you will need to collect to create your metrics and measure success.  

  • Identify the data you need to set a baseline for your service’s performance, so you know what data to collect from the start of the project.  
  • Establish a baseline for an existing service so you can track how your performance has improved. 
  • You will need to build collecting data into the project plan and transition to business-as-usual once the service goes live.  

Get a strong evidence base of qualitative and quantitative data to make decisions. Data sources can include: 

  • website performance 
  • user feedback 
  • call centre data. 

Combine data from a range of sources for a detailed picture of how well your service is performing.  

Reporting on performance

Think about how you will report on performance. See the below links for examples of how to use a performance dashboard for reporting.  

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