Testing a product or service

You will need to test your service from end to end in an environment that replicates the live version. 

You cannot wait until the service is live to discover problems that stop people from using it. You need to rigorously and comprehensively test every part of the service during development. 

Standard testing outcomes 

During alpha you will test your service with prototypes. As you move through beta and into live your testing should show: 

  • The steps required to achieve an end-to-end service delivery outcome for the user 

  • The testing environment; using test plans, real world scenarios and user stories 

  • The deployment environment 

  • The ability to create new environments quickly and easily 

  • That your service can perform under expected loads with suitable scale contingencies 

  • You understand the systems you need and the testing environments for non-digital parts of the service 

  • That users can seamlessly move between channels as required 

  • How you explored integrating automated testing into the deployment process 

  • You have a business continuity plan and a roll-back option. 


Further reading 

18F - Testing cookbook 

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When to test your service in the agile delivery process

Alpha phase

Test and valudate prototypes

Beta phase

Build and scale a real service

Live phase

Complete features and continuously improve

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