Enhance cyber security skills and workforce

As cyber threats continue to evolve at an increasing tempo, there is growing need to address the sector’s skills gaps and build a workforce capable of operating with fluidity. The NSW Government will support businesses by addressing the skills gap in the sector and promoting cyber security as a career path to drive a continuous talent pipeline. For this to be successful, industry input and support in the development of educational content will be vital. 

Our Strategic Objectives:

  1. Address the cyber sector’s skills gap by developing a cyber skills entry pathway model and provide programs and services to meet demands
  2. Advocate diversity in the cyber security workforce by Government setting examples in recruiting across gender, neuro-spectrum, geography and fields of study
  3. Support education pathways by providing relevant cyber security training and education courses across high school and vocational institutes
  4. Support effective learning by ensuring that content in current training and education meets the needs in the market
  5. Ensure a continuous talent pipeline by introducing early interventions to promote cyber security to younger generations
  6. Grow regional cyber workforce by expanding resources for regional schools to teach technology subjects

How we will achieve our objectives:

In order to achieve our objectives, we will focus on the 6 key areas:

  1. Continue the NSW Cyber Ambassador Program to advocate for career pathways in the cyber sector. 
  2. Integrate industry-based learning opportunities into university degrees / TAFE courses by promoting the creation of internships, traineeships and apprenticeships with industry through the NSW Cyber Hub.
  3. Ensure the NSW school curriculum has strong relevance to industry by strengthening industry partnerships.
  4. Support the development of training solutions to continuously upskill the existing workforce through deepened collaboration with TAFE NSW and industry. 
  5. Promote early interest in cyber security as a career by facilitating school and industry partnerships to target early stages of schooling.
  6. Support the development of nationally consistent cyber skills pathway program and services to accelerate the reskilling of the workforce providing agility in the post COVID-19 workforce.

Programs and Initiatives

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