Announcing next phase of our collaborative data journey

DFSI is working to transform how NSW government operates and to support people with better government services. The effective use of data will be at the heart of this digital transformation.

DFSI is announcing a dedicated testing phase with users of its ambitious whole of government data program. This will help NSW government agencies to use data to enable and drive innovation, collaboration and to work more openly and effectively across agencies, jurisdictions and sectors.

The dMarketplace program is building ways to enable systemic change in NSW government’s use of data.

The program has three key components.

Data policy – What policy environment is needed to support a fully data-enabled government?

  • To achieve social and economic value for the people of NSW?
  • To build government strategies, services and opportunities that are built on data, data platforms and data approaches that the community collaborates in, trusts and supports?

Data practice – What support, guidance and collaboration can help all areas of NSW government to improve their data practices and leverage the power of data in their business?

  • How can the amazing data work that is already driving significant change across NSW government be shared, so that all agencies can learn from success stories and build on lessons learned?
  • How can we collaborate to tackle difficult policy challenges, particularly across government, and build common approaches and toolkits?
  • How do we identify and improve data skills and maturity across all areas of NSW government, so all government policies and services can be data informed?
  • And how do we collaborate with fantastic colleagues in other jurisdictions to enable data to become an even more significant national asset?

Data platforms – How does technology help support this vision?

  • In addition to building a powerful enabling environment and a mature skills base, what else can technology help us to achieve?
  • How do we grow our existing strengths in open and spatial data release?
  • How do we create support tools that help agencies to share data safely and more frequently?
  • What tools do agencies and the community want and how do they want to use them?
  • How do we create a sustainable technical environment that continues to serve data as a key asset for all of NSW, now and into the future?

So as you can see, the dMarketplace program is a holistic, ambitious project and we are very excited to commence our next phase!

In this testing phase, we will be testing a number of assumptions and ideas based on requirements gathered from data champions and experts across NSW government. We will also be assessing a number of technology aspects, including the functional prototype we have built to enable secure sharing of government data between agencies, as well as testing some future state designs. We will be running a number of workshops with data experts from across NSW Government and using these to test the needs of key stakeholders around data sharing, publishing, access and governance. These workshops are fully subscribed, but please let us know if you’d like to be involved in future opportunities.

There are also some policy areas to explore to ensure that we are building the data policy and practice that meets business and community needs. Over the next few weeks we’re also running a data policy sprint and roadtesting ideas for building data capability and practice.

We have also been talking to a lot of people already across the sector about data and data needs. Recently too, we ran a survey on the data skills people would like to help them in their roles. We will publish the results of this shortly and have already built some of the lessons learned from this work into our dMarketplace planning and development.

We want to hear from you!

Over coming weeks, we’ll be providing regular updates on the alpha testing through the Digital NSW blog. Your feedback on all of these initiatives is very welcome - you can leave us a comment below, or contact us on if you want to talk to us about collaborating, showcasing your own initiatives or needs, or if you want more information on what we’re doing.  

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