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The NSW Trend Atlas: Planning for the unknown


The NSW Trend Atlas is a digital, self-service platform helping the NSW Government better prepare for an unpredictable future. Combining

Cyber Security NSW 2022 Year in Review

Cyber security Data Digital

In 2022 Cyber Security NSW made notable achievements towards its vision of a cyber-secure NSW Government. Among a host of other

Bringing your digital identity to life

Data Digital Life Journeys

Proving your identity can be time consuming, but it should only take seconds in today’s digital era. We’re working hard to deliver a

Smart Beaches

Data Digital Transformation

It's no secret that Aussies love the coast. In fact, 4.7 million NSW customers visited the coast in 2020/21 with over 200 million individual

Water Licensing

Data Digital

The water licensing improvement program will simplify processes, policies and ICT systems to deliver a better experience for NSW water users


Data Digital Transformation

October is National Safe Work Month. This is when businesses across Australia, dedicate time to have a SafeTea and start a conversation

Lenka Bradovkova

Data Digital Transformation

Can you tell us about your organisation and its purpose? The Digital Identity and Verifiable credentials (DIVC) program emerged from the NSW

Data Digital Transformation

Digital NSW is a whole of government division that sets the digital strategic direction and objectives for NSW Government. Sitting within

Narelle Underwood

Data Digital Transformation

Can you tell us about your organisation and its purpose? DCS Spatial Services provides NSW's spatial and land information services. Our data

Cyber security Data Security

In 2021 the acceleration of remote working and digital adoption continued, with working from home now the new normal for many Australians

Data Transformation

An exciting new initiative funded through the Digital Restart Fund has landed for individual Contractor Licence holders. The Digital

Amber Fletcher

Artificial Intelligence Data Digital Transformation

As of 31st March 2022, safer and more efficient services will be delivered for NSW customers and business using artificial intelligence (AI)