NSW Procurement and Digital NSW are on a journey to deliver simplified, seamless procurement. We are transforming buy.nsw into a centralised gateway to access procurement information and platforms to create a consistent user experience for all buyers and sellers.

Screenshot of Buy NSW on a Mac and iPhone

Why change?

Selling to government is not easy, currently around 10,000 suppliers use a number of portals across agencies. As a result, there is no single way for Government to engage suppliers.

The NSW Government is committed to developing a digital procurement ecosystem that caters for different procurement needs while improving the overall experience for our buyers and suppliers.

What is changing?

ProcurePoint is gradually being replaced by a new guided buying experience but will remain fully operational until the transition is complete.

Right now, we are launching parts of the new guided buying experience in beta. Development is in phases and driven by our users’ needs.

We’ve launched our policy library plus some buyer and supplier guidance. Have a look and tell us what you think at beta.buy.nsw.gov.au

We will develop more libraries over coming months, including tools & templates, contracts, schemes, training and news.

The beta phase of the site will allow users to:

  • find policies using keyword and natural language search 
  • find simplified and easy to understand supplier and buyer guidance  
  • search and browse for the exact information when they need it 

What’s next

There is more work to be done. Soon we will add other dynamic libraries for tools & templates, contracts, schemes and training.

Keep an eye on beta.buy.nsw.gov.au as we launch each new library or email us at buy.nsw@customerservice.nsw.gov.au to get involved. 

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