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Licensing Program $20 million milestone

Digital Life Journeys Service Delivery

The NSW Licensing program has hit $20 million benefits realised, giving back more than 934,800 hours to customers and businesses by saving

Life Administrator: A step towards a more personalised government experience

Digital Life Journeys Service Delivery

Life Administrator is an online guide to help NSW customers find and access NSW Government services. It helps connect customers with

Bringing your digital identity to life

Data Digital Life Journeys

Proving your identity can be time consuming, but it should only take seconds in today’s digital era. We’re working hard to deliver a

Digital Life Journeys Transformation

Attracting diverse, high quality talent to NSW Government is important to building a world class Public Service. One unique way NSW

Life Journeys Transformation

What do you need to do when someone close to you dies? What support can you get if you become seriously ill? What are all the things you

Digital Life Journeys Transformation

There is no denying that ‘end of life’ is difficult for people to talk about, so it stands to reason that it’s even harder to know the

Digital Life Journeys Transformation

What happens when a person dies? While families or friends sort out funeral arrangements and cope with the loss, there are administrative

Guidance Life Journeys Transformation

Last week we held our inaugural Public Service Transformation series event featuring two of our colleagues from the New Zealand Government