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Connecting thousands of regional students

Digital Transformation

More than 220,000 students in regional and remote areas of NSW are benefiting from the NSW Government’s $365.8 million Rural Access Gap

Digital Solutions

Connectivity Digital Service Delivery

In 2020, Corrective Services NSW piloted in-cell digital technology at two NSW Correctional Centers as part of a program aimed at addressing

Mark Lenzner

Can you tell us about your organisation and its purpose? To enable the vision of the Department of Customer Service to be the world's most

Driving Digital Transformation

The Digital Restart Fund is a world first approach to funding iterative, multi-disciplinary approaches to planning, designing and developing

NSW Design Standards

Government information can be complex. Content designers manage this complexity and make it quicker and easier for people to understand

Simon Geraghty

Can you tell us about your organisation and its purpose? As a trusted central agency operating at a whole of government level, our focus is

Saving Our Species

The NSW Government has established itself as a national leader in threatened species conservation by committing $175 million to the program

Localised air quality monitoring

Digital Transformation

It is well known that air pollution can be harmful to our health. Poor air quality can be caused by wood fired heaters, smoking

Greener Neighbourhoods Tree Canopy

Digital Transformation

Cassandra Cosgrove (Director) and Jessica Roach (Senior Policy Officer) are leading the latest digital environmental transformation project

Digital Digital Design System

We're thrilled to announce that The Public Service Commission's website transformation project has won two Gold Quill awards of Excellence

Cutting red tape

Digital Transformation

If you're a business needing to register industrial plant items with SafeWork NSW, you can now do it faster than ever thanks to the NSW

Creating easy and secure digital regulatory

Digital Transformation

Meet Verushka Harvey, the Program Director at eRegulation - Complaints, Compliance and Enforcement, which is powered by the Digital Restart