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Connectivity Digital NSW Telco Authority

Cities of the future – Smart Cities - rely on data, connectivity, and layers of digital infrastructure to deliver safe, sustainable, and

Mark Howard

Digital Service Delivery

Can you tell us about your organisation and its purpose? The Digital Strategy, Investment and Assurance (DSIA) branch is positioned within

Drone Biodiversity Hub


September 30 is Save the Koala Day, and to raise awareness and support for our much-loved national icons, we are shining light on how the

Photo from award ceremony


The Department of Regional NSW, Digital Capability Uplift project has won the best-in-class award for Service Design: Public Sector category

Australian Death Notification Service

Losing a loved one can be an extremely stressful time. This experience is only heightened in Australia when English is your second language

Kylie De Courteney

Can you tell us about your organisation and its purpose? NSW Telco Authority is a Statutory Authority within the Department of Customer

NSW Virtual Care

Digital Service Delivery

The NSW Virtual Care Strategy outlines the steps to integrate virtual care as a safe, effective, accessible option for healthcare delivery

DRF Projects


Following the Expenditure Review Committee (ERC) on the August 19 2022, we are pleased to share with you the projects that were recently

Connecting thousands of regional students

Digital Transformation

More than 220,000 students in regional and remote areas of NSW are benefiting from the NSW Government’s $365.8 million Rural Access Gap

Digital Solutions

Connectivity Digital Service Delivery

In 2020, Corrective Services NSW piloted in-cell digital technology at two NSW Correctional Centers as part of a program aimed at addressing

Mark Lenzner

Can you tell us about your organisation and its purpose? To enable the vision of the Department of Customer Service to be the world's most

Driving Digital Transformation

The Digital Restart Fund is a world first approach to funding iterative, multi-disciplinary approaches to planning, designing and developing