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Saving Our Species

The NSW Government has established itself as a national leader in threatened species conservation by committing $175 million to the program

Localised air quality monitoring

Digital Transformation

It is well known that air pollution can be harmful to our health. Poor air quality can be caused by wood fired heaters, smoking

Greener Neighbourhoods Tree Canopy

Digital Transformation

Cassandra Cosgrove (Director) and Jessica Roach (Senior Policy Officer) are leading the latest digital environmental transformation project

Digital Digital Design System

We're thrilled to announce that The Public Service Commission's website transformation project has won two Gold Quill awards of Excellence

Cutting red tape

Digital Transformation

If you're a business needing to register industrial plant items with SafeWork NSW, you can now do it faster than ever thanks to the NSW

Creating easy and secure digital regulatory

Digital Transformation

Meet Verushka Harvey, the Program Director at eRegulation - Complaints, Compliance and Enforcement, which is powered by the Digital Restart

Cyber security Data Security

In 2021 the acceleration of remote working and digital adoption continued, with working from home now the new normal for many Australians

Remote schools across NSW

Digital Transformation

For many of us living in metropolitan areas of NSW, having access to reliable and fast internet to do our jobs or to learn in classrooms is

Message from Greg Wells

Digital Transformation

In early May I was lucky enough to participate in an Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) delegation to San Francisco and

Closing the digital education divide

Digital Transformation

The past 16 months have been a time of adapting for all, but no more so than has it been seen in the classrooms. Such amazing versatility

Following consultation from across government, and working with a host of internal teams and individuals, we are pleased to announce the new

Accessibility Ambassadors

Accessibility Digital

Digital accessibility is about making sure digital and ICT products and services can be used by everyone and we're building a network of