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Customer journey map

See your service through the eyes of your customers by bringing together research into a single visual story.

Launch Miro template

  • Time
    1/2 day
  • Casting
    Project team
  • Tool

Use for: Visualising a customer journey
When: You've completed research 
With: Your project team

Customer journey map example

Template guide

Researching the customers of a service can generate a breadth of information and insights. Organising them in a way that drives progress is critical to your teams success.

By bringing research together in a customer journey, you can build empathy and alignment across the teams and stakeholders involved in delivering them, and identify opportunities for customer-centric improvements and innovation.

What’s it for

Turning customer research into a cohesive visual view of a customer’s journey – and identifying opportunities for improvements.

What you’ll get

A map that shows what customers are feeling, doing and using as they move through your service, and the pains and opportunities that arise along the way.

When to do it

After your team has finished analysing findings from customer research.

How it works

Before you start

  • Process your research findings as a team 

  • Identify the different kinds of customers from your research 

  • Create an empathy map for each customer type  

Step 1: Describe who will be going on the journey on the persona board.

Step 2: Plot out the phases, actions feelings touchpoints and pain points in each phase of the journey.

Step 3: Review the journey as a team and capture any opportunities to improve your customer’s journey.

Next steps

  • Share your customer journey map with stakeholders and those responsible for delivering the service.

  • Prioritise the opportunities you’ve identified and start working on the most critical ones.



This activity was contributed by Revenue NSW Customer Experience team