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Discussion guide template

Create a discussion guide for use in research interviews.

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  • Time
    30+ mins
  • Casting
    1+ team members
  • Tool

Use for: Structuring your research interview  
When: Ahead of research sessions 
With: User research lead 

Discussion Guide template

Document guide

Running a user interview is much easier with a discussion guide to refer to. Discussion guides provide the interviewer with a reminder of the key questions, and a structure to make sure nothing is missed during the interview.

This  template  will help save time drafting a discussion guide specific to your team and project. It provides a suggested format that covers the basics of running a user interview. 

What’s it for

Efficiently producing a structured discussion guide for research interviews (instead of starting from scratch).

What you’ll get

A simple discussion guide template you can adapt and re-use for all your research interviews.

When to do it

This template can help you prepare before your research sessions.

How it works

Before you start

  • Identify your objective in running research interview sessions.
  • Have your list of key research questions and assumptions.
  • Set a time limit for each session (generally between 30 and 90 minutes).

Step 1: List out and order the main topics of your interview

Step 2: Insert your questions for each topic

Step 3: Write instructions for any user activities

Step 4: Write questions that invite reflection

Step 5: Test your discussion guide with a colleague

Step 6: Write a brief introduction script for the interview to give your participants important context and information

What’s next

  • Run your interviews.
  • Check in with your team after the first 1-2 interviews and fix any critical issues you’ve noticed in your discussion guide.



This template is contributed by the OneCX team, Department of Customer Service.