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Project update

Keep your stakeholders informed and engaged with regular updates, using this simple presentation template.

Download PowerPoint template

  • Presentation Time
    30-45 mins
  • Preparation Time
    ¼ day
  • Casting
    1+ team members
  • Tool

Use for: Keeping projects moving
When: Regularly
With: Your team and key stakeholders

Project update

Presentation guide

Stakeholders are well-placed to guide projects, solve problems and endorse decisions. By regularly sharing project progress and challenges, you will get the most out of stakeholders and keep your project on track.

What’s it for

For keeping stakeholders informed and engaged - and keeping your team accountable for delivering work that’s been planned.

What you’ll get

Stakeholder endorsement for the decisions and actions being made along the way, and support on critical issues.

When to do it

Set a regular meeting with stakeholders at the start of the project, with enough time between meetings to make meaningful progress as a project team. As a guide, agile teams tend to favour fortnightly updates.

How it works

Before you start

  • Identify your stakeholders.
  • Send out project update meeting invitations.
  • Gather your key achievements, actions, learnings and artefacts.

Step 1: Identify key information to share in the project update

Step 2: Fill in the project update template

Step 3: Hold your project update meeting

What’s next

  • Address any feedback from stakeholders.
  • Take action on your next steps.



This presentation template is contributed by the Digital Service team, Department of Customer Service.