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Synthesising research interviews

Build a collective understanding of what you've learned from interviews (and where it could take you).

Launch Miro Activity

  • Time
    1/2+ day
  • Casting
    Research team
  • Tool

Use for: Making sense of research findings 
When: A round of interviews is complete 
With: Everyone involved in interviews

Resources include:

Image of example activity

Activity guide

Research interviews produce A LOT of findings, many of which mean different things to different people.

This activity helps you organise your findings (and your thinking) by framing and reframing what you've learned as a group.

What’s it for

Processing research findings and organising them in a meaningful and consequential way.

What you’ll get

A shared understanding of what was learned through the interviews, and the different directions those learnings could take you in.

When to do it

After completing each round of research interviews.

How it works

Before you start this activity

  • Complete your round of research interviews 

  • Finish writing up notes from the interviews

Step 1: Gather and review your findings

Step 2: Identify key findings

Step 3: Reframe findings from a user's perspective

Step 4: Turn findings into directions and actions

What's next

  • Check in with stakeholders and share initial findings (and possible directions)

  • Start defining the opportunities the research has uncovered



This activity was contributed by Angela Zinn, CXU Life Journeys Program, Department of Customer Service.