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Turning findings into insights you can action

Using this activity, take your research findings and use them to help you create insights that can drive action in your project.

Launch Miro activity

  • Time
    1 day
  • Casting
    2+ team members
  • Tool

Use for: Making decisions
When: You have research findings
With: Your team

Resources include:

Turning findings into insights you can action

Activity guide

Knowing what action to take after your user research activities can be difficult. This activity will help your team go from research findings to creating insights that help your team and stakeholders decide on next steps for your product or service.

What’s it for

To help your team and stakeholders identify insights and understand why they're critical to action.

What you’ll get

A list of prioritised insights to share and action with your stakeholders and team.

When to do it

After your team has created findings from your research.

How it works

Before you start

  • Complete your user research activities.
  • Synthesise research and identify your key findings.
  • Understand what's motivating the decision-makers in your project.

Step 1: Identify project objectives and motivations

Step 2: Generate insights

Step 3: Identify motivations to act on insights

Step 4: Prioritise insights

What’s next

  • Walk your team or stakeholders through the activity board to show them the process.
  • Share the actionable insights with your team and stakeholders in the Project update slide deck.
  • Use your insights to run an ideation workshop to brainstorm solutions.



This activity is contributed by Rich Brophy, Digital Service team, Department of Customer Service.