Design, test and build

In this phase, you will take your ideas and concepts and start to turn them into a working service that you can release. You will test prototypes of your designs with users and iterate as you develop your service. This may include testing with a closed group to decide whether there’s value in taking the service further. 

You will then be prepared to go live with the service through a public launch. You should complete usability testing of the service before you launch it. The service must demonstrate that it complies with all accessibility, privacy, cyber security and branding requirements. 

Create with purpose

  • Establish metrics to measure how well the service meets the identified outcomes and addresses the problem or opportunity 

Design with users, for users

User experience design

Accessibility and inclusivity

Digital branding and style

Reuse and repurpose

Respect privacy, maintain security


Secure digital services

Monitor, manage, evolve

  • Test every part of the service during development in an environment that replicates the live version. 

Be open, accountable, collaborative

  • Communicate your progress with senior leaders. Maintain a decision log as you pivot.
  • Share your findings, insights and artefacts with other NSW Government agencies, customers and stakeholders throughout the design and build of your product or service (unless there's a good reason not to do so). 
  • Create opportunities for your colleagues and customers to engage with your work and provide feedback. Make sure you respond to any feedback you receive and explain why you're using it, or not. 


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