Numbers, dates and times


Use numerals instead of words for numbers, except at the beginning of a sentence.

Use commas to separate thousands in numbers 10,000 and above.

For approximate numbers over 999,999, spell out millions or billions.

Use ‘to’ for a span of numbers.

For ordinal numbers spell out ‘first’ to ‘ninth’. Higher ordinals use numerals.


1 day

5 to 200 customers

5000 to 10,000 homes

3 million citizens

First, second, third

10th 21st



Use numerals to write an age.

Use ‘to’ for a span of ages.

Use hyphens when the phrase describes the subject.


aged under 16

aged 16 or over

before your 30th birthday

16-year-old learner driver



Write the measurement as a number and abbreviate the unit of measurement. Don’t put spaces between the number and the unit.

Spell out the unit of measurement when not using a number.


Learner licence holders must not exceed 90km/h when driving.

Record the number of kilometres you have travelled.



Use decimal places only when cents are specified.

Spell out cents, millions and billions and leave a space after the numeral.

Use a comma in dollar amounts $10,000 and above.




50 cents



$25 million



Use % symbol – 50%.

Phone numbers

Link where possible and use spaces to help people read phone numbers.


13 77 88 (6-digit numbers)

1300 555 727 (10-digit numbers)

(02) 9286 1000 (include area code)

+61 2 8894 1555 (if calling from overseas)

For the emergency number, use ‘Triple Zero (000)’.

Group memorable numbers together – ‘131 500’ (Transport).

Tell the user to ‘call’ rather than ‘phone’.


To report an emergency, call Triple Zero (000).

If you’re unable to apply online you can call 131 500 for help.



Write dates in order of day, month and year.

Write day as numeral, month spelled out, year as a full numeral.


2 September 2018


Use ‘to’ for a span of days, dates or months.


Monday to Friday

16 September 2018 to 17 December 2019

October to December


To show year spans, use a hyphen and write both years as a full numeral.




Use a hyphen with the prefix ‘mid’.




Where there are spacing issues, use the 3-letter month abbreviation.

2 Jul 2018



Use 12-hour clock format, immediately followed by am or pm.

Use a colon to separate hours and minutes.

If the time is a whole hour, don’t include minutes.








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