2020-2021 In Review

On behalf of the NSW Department of Customer Service, I am pleased to present the Digital Restart Fund Annual Report for 2020-21. This report was prepared in accordance with legislated reporting requirements to promote transparency, accountability, and integrity across the public sector.

Over the last twelve months, we have been faced with unparalleled events, from the catastrophic bushfires and damaging floods to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, in this unique moment, we have been able to learn, progress and adapt as we accelerate the pace of our digital transformation through the Digital Restart Fund.

A world-first, the Digital Restart Fund has helped pave the way for funding whole of government digital projects. Through the Fund we have prioritised projects that develop reusable platforms and solutions and deliver benefits for citizens across multiple touchpoints with Government. 

Starting in June 2019 with a budget of $100 million, the fund has been increased significantly in recent state budgets and now stands at $2.1 billion. Over the past two years we’ve invested in projects that transform customers experience in education, health, creating liveable and safer communities, our criminal justice system, plus much more.

Projects funded by the Digital Restart Fund have already saved 3,220 working days of customer time, identified $2.3 billion in economic returns for NSW. This is truly a testament to the skill and innovation of our staff who have helped to deliver such remarkable results.

In a year that has kept many apart, we are proud to have played an important role in bringing NSW citizens and communities together. As we look ahead with excitement at the opportunity the next financial year presents, we remain focused on our commitment to improve customer outcomes and meet the evolving digital needs of NSW citizens and communities.

The Hon. Victor Dominello MP, Minister for Customer Service



This year, more than ever before, we have witnessed the importance of new ways of working - to connect, collaborate and DELIVER.

The Digital Restart Fund brings this new way of working to life.  

It enables rapid prototyping and testing with customers, opportunities for innovation and rapid decision-making that allow us to respond to the needs of our community with greater agility, integrity, and resilience.  

And while our ambition is still bold, we already have made considerable progress in a challenging year with many accomplishments recognised.  

Through this contemporary funding and delivery approach, we’ve successfully worked with all clusters on more than 100 priorities from school enrolment, to supporting social housing applications, increasing cyber security maturity and a range of initiatives that have supported our pandemic response. 

We'd like to thank everyone, in particular our partners from across NSW government, industry and the community, who have continued to play a critical role in the digital transformation of NSW government services, and look forward to continuing to work with you in 2022. 

Emma Hogan, Secretary,NSW Department of Customer Service  

Greg Wells,Government Chief Information and Digital Officer, Digital NSW  


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