Cyber security matters in a digital world

Information technology pervades every aspect of modern life. We expect instant access to information and automated services, and we want services that are simple, seamless and smart. Digital technology is transforming Government and the pace of change is accelerating.

While technology may make our lives easier, open business opportunities, increase automation and improve decision making, the increase in digital connectivity brings risks to NSW Government, businesses and citizens.

These risks are becoming commonplace, with daily news articles demonstrating the consequences of cyber security incidents on the lives of people around the globe. Cyber security incidents are increasing in number and becoming more complex. No one is immune from the potential impacts.

Building strong cyber resilience and defence capabilities will support NSW's economic growth, prosperity and efficiency. It also essential to ensure NSW Government provides secure, trusted and resilient services and systems to customers.

We aim to enable NSW Government to protect itself against cyber-attacks and to respond to a rapidly evolving threat landscape. To achieve this, we are planning a wide range of improvements in areas such as: building a culture of preparedness and improving our capabilities for prevention, detection and response - all of which are essential for innovation and a secure digital ecosystem.

Guided by the NSW Government Chief Information Security Officer (GCISO), Dr Maria Milosavljevic, we will strengthen ties across government to bring together best practices in cyber security.