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CPP Partner Workshop

Digital Service Delivery

Read highlights from the latest Customer Payment Platform event, where industry experts spoke about the future of payments in Australia.

Licensing Program $20 million milestone

Digital Life Journeys Service Delivery

The NSW Licensing program has hit $20 million benefits realised, giving back more than 934,800 hours to customers and businesses by saving

Life Administrator: A step towards a more personalised government experience

Digital Life Journeys Service Delivery

Life Administrator is an online guide to help NSW customers find and access NSW Government services. It helps connect customers with

State Digital Assets (SDA)

Digital Service Delivery Transformation

We are at an inflection point in government, where digital services move from the periphery to the primary way customers interact with us

The Hon Victor Dominello MP, Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government at the The Cyber Insights Series

Cyber security Digital Security Service Delivery

Download Executive Summary – Cyber Insights Series As we've seen from the recent high-profile cyber attacks that have victimised millions of

Mark Howard

Digital Service Delivery

Can you tell us about your organisation and its purpose? The Digital Strategy, Investment and Assurance (DSIA) branch is positioned within

NSW Virtual Care

Digital Service Delivery

The NSW Virtual Care Strategy outlines the steps to integrate virtual care as a safe, effective, accessible option for healthcare delivery

Digital Solutions

Connectivity Digital Service Delivery

In 2020, Corrective Services NSW piloted in-cell digital technology at two NSW Correctional Centers as part of a program aimed at addressing

Capability Digital Guidance Principles Service Delivery Transformation

The third iteration of the Design Standards is available for feedback , and we'd love to hear from you. So far, we've had responses from all

Capability Digital Guidance Service Delivery Transformation

The NSW Government delivers amazing services to our customers, and we're held to a very high standard of work. The number of our customers

Capability Digital Design System Guidance Service Delivery

As a service designer, you really are the grease in the wheel: A thin layer between the old way and a new way, between front and backstage

Digital Digital Design System Guidance Policy Service Delivery

We wanted to make it easier for teams to access, set-up, and run user research. Research is integral to the delivery of quality services to