Plan and discover

In this phase teams seek to understand the problem they need to solve and the operational context. This includes strategic alignment, users, stakeholders, existing technologies and tools, risks and issues. 

You will need to do user research and engage with experts in your agency and across NSW Government. 

You will be setting the service up for success with a delivery manager, a team with the right capabilities and putting governance and reporting structures in place. 

Create with purpose

Design with users, for users

Reuse and repurpose

Respect privacy and maintain security 

Monitor, manage, evolve 

  • Plan for the right skills and capabilities for your team - to design, build and maintain your product or service.
  • Plan for the resources and budget to monitor and improve your product or service after go-live. 
  • Implement a process to monitor your product or service throughout its lifetime, including regular testing. Establish triggers to help you know when to act to make improvements and fix any issues. 

Be open, accountable, collaborative 

  • Identify stakeholders to engage, within and outside NSW Government, to help inform the service. 
  • Agree on the team practices, tools and systems you'll use to enable collaboration in your project. 
  • Set up a governance structure or enlist the help of existing governance forums. 
  • Document your governance processes for decision-making, roles and responsibilities and risk management. 
  • Set up processes that will enable your team to work in the open and be transparent with other NSW Government agencies, customers and stakeholders about your project and any decision making. 


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