Business capability and process

Talk to your architecture team

Talk to your agency’s architecture team about: 

  • the agency’s capabilities 
  • other industry capabilities that support your agency to deliver on its business outcomes.    

Use common business capabilities to reduce cost and effort in:  

  • defining business requirements 
  • engaging the market 
  • procurement 
  • supporting the ongoing running of the service.  

You should also identify any reusable business processes in your agency. For example: 

  • payment and refund processes 
  • customer registration 
  • complaint lodgement. 

Mapping it out

Your architecture team will map out capabilities and processes. This will help to identify what you need, what's available and any gaps you need to address. 

You can use these mapping activities as a basis for analysing your options. They should align with your understanding of your users’ needs.   

Talk to product groups

When you know the capabilities and processes you need, talk to teams who own or use something similar. For example, talk to the process owner and operational team of a payment refund process. 

You need to find out:  

  • the intent of the capability and business process so you can determine if they align with what you need 
  • the business rules that apply, and how they are different from what you need 
  • the complexity of adopting the capabilities or processes into your ecosystem. 
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