Using open source assets

It’s important to share your source code so others with a similar need can reuse it. The flipside is, of course, that you may take advantage of other agencies’ source code when you need it. 

Open source helps: 

  • Reduce project costs
  • Avoid lock-in contracts with external suppliers 
  • Prevent duplication 
  • Increase transparency 

Open source during alpha 

Final code will not be produced in alpha, however, you should still be thinking about how you can share what you create. During the alpha phase, you’ll need to: 

  • Show you have considered a plan to release your code under a licence suitable for your service 
  • Consider publishing the source code on a platform with wide adoption in the open source community such as GitHub

Open source during beta and live 

During beta phase you’ll have developed further working code and should be ready to share it in a repository. By the time you go live you should be able to show: 

  • How you’re making new source code open and reusable, for example, storing in repositories, releasing code under licence, using APIs 
  • A plan or guidance for contributors 
  • How you’re handling updates and bug fixes to the code. 
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