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Defining customer opportunities

This activity acts as the turning point from research into action.

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  • Time
    1 day
  • Casting
    Project team and decision-makers
  • Tool

Use for: Finding a direction based on research
When: You've finished researching
With: Project team and decision-makers

Resources include:

Layout of example activity

Activity guide

Picking a direction to take is possibly the most challenging point of any project. This activity uses evidence and co-design to efficiently align all team members and stakeholders on what an opportunity (and possible solution) might look like.

What’s it for

Moving from divergent to convergent thinking and working in the early phases of delivery, and updating the direction of a project when new evidence emerges.

What you’ll get

A succinct package that wraps up everything you'll need to justify and align on an approach to delivering your project outcome.

When to do it

At the end of the Discovery phase or when you are wanting to transition from research to build phases.

How it works

Before you start

Step 1: Generate Opportunity statements

Step 2. Build out Opportunities

Step 3. Turning Opportunities in to solutions

What’s next

Once you’ve completed this activity:



This activity was contributed by Hamish Stead, Digital Service team, Department of Customer Service