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Focus Areas of Investment

The Digital Restart Fund is a groundbreaking reform that enables rapid delivery, improved transparency and accountability across government.

Regulatory Reform

The Digital Restart Fund has contributed significantly to improving the regulatory landscape in NSW.

Digital Credentials

The NSW Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials Lighthouse Program is a whole-of-government multi-year program led by Department of Customer Service.

Natural Disasters

Finding digital solutions to help in the event of natural disasters is an essential part of supporting NSW communities.

Digital Patient Care – eHealth

SDPR aligns to the Future Simplified Appointments Health roadmap, by delivering a digital service that is sustainable and involves patients in their care, while supporting clinicians to deliver better health outcomes.

Government Made Easy

In the last financial year 2021 – 2022 the Digital Restart Fund has supported several Government Made Easy (GME) projects, that will deliver significant benefits for both NSW customers and Government agencies.

Digitising Education

The Rural Access Gap program is addressing the digital divide between rural and metropolitan NSW public schools.

Smart Places Acceleration Program

The $45 million Smart Places Acceleration Program has enabled the NSW Government to partner with councils and place-owners, to accelerate the adoption of smart technologies and capabilities.


Funding focused on cyber security uplift is part of the broader work of the Digital Restart Fund to provide trusted and secure services to the people of NSW.

Wind farm technical staff

The NSW Government is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 to make our state more sustainable and resilient to a changing climate.


For NSW to be the world’s most customer-centric government, everyone needs to be able to access and use digital products and services equally.