Achieving fund objectives

Enhancing the NSW customer experience

Customers across NSW will experience the benefit of the government’s commitment to creating better and more convenient services.

We have started to deliver on these initiatives and there is more to come.

  • The projects funded through the Digital Restart Fund have improved approximately 7 million customer interactions, as estimated by project leads
  • Customers are reporting improved satisfaction, with a +91% thumbs up experience reported across 94,000 interactions
  • We have saved 4,963 working days a year for our customers.
  • Trades people can receive licences that are crucial to their work in four minutes, not four weeks.
  • Builders can lodge Development Applications online, saving an estimated 150,000 hours in travel time and phone calls, $13.1 million in printing/mailing costs and $63.2 million in holding costs.
  • Busy parents and carers no longer need to fill out a 16-page physical form to enrol their children in school but can complete it online, saving 2,256 working days so far.
  • And in our NSW Courts and Tribunals system, 200 different ways to order a transcript have been reduced to one simple online portal saving 478 days of staff time.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

We are on our way to transforming Government’s approach to digital technologies, though we still have work to do.

Transformation is more than just the fund, it’s a new way of working.

  • We are focussed on using human centred design principles and agile ways of working to test customer needs and deliver solutions rapidly and in increments.
  • We are delivering digital solutions/prototypes with an average delivery time of <20 weeks
  • We are de risking large projects through series of tranche-based funding approach, which also delivers value progressively
  • There is greater cross cluster collaboration in delivery of customer solution, through the use of multi-disciplinary teams
  • We have quarterly funding cycles to accelerate investments compared to the traditional annual budgeting cycle
  • We are building agile delivery capability in government, which will be an critical for the future to support digital transformation, better, faster, cheaper.

Building a resilient NSW Government

  • We have invested in Emergency Management/Response initiatives to safeguard lives of our customers during natural disasters.
  • Significant investment has been made in uplifting the Cyber capability in NSW to mitigate the Cyber threats being faced globally.

Stimulate the Economy

  • We are contributing to the recovery of our economy post pandemic, by investing in regional areas and supporting jobs throughout NSW including small to medium enterprises.
  • We have invested in projects that benefit the economy, support employment in regional and rural areas and building a resilient government.
  • A forecast of over 3,000 jobs supported NSW-wide
  • $2.3 billion of economic returns identified so far
  • $370 million committed for projects that benefit rural and regional areas
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