Digital transformation investment themes

Building the cities of the future

The NSW Government has established the Smart Places Acceleration Program, as part of the NSW Smart Places Strategy. The Program is facilitated by a $45 million funding envelope under the Digital Restart Fund over three years to accelerate the development of smart places across NSW.

Through the NSW Smart Places Acceleration Program, the NSW Government is helping place owners – including councils, government agencies, property owners, and regional organisations – apply innovative smart technologies and capabilities. The government’s aim is to solve problems and improve the quality of life for communities across regional and metropolitan NSW.

Some of the examples include

Pilot will trial a digital inventory of kerb space allocation and the use of intelligent sensors to capture real-time kerb usage data for key centres in one or more of the eight Western Sydney City Deal council areas and investigating grey water usage for irrigation purposes.

We have built A Digital Twin, which is a secure way of allowing industries, businesses, individuals and other areas of Government to see a full picture of accurate, up to date datasets in a user-friendly format to enable accurate planning.

Infrastructure developers can use the Digital Twin to identify the location of underground utilities before building works commence or see the potential impact of planned future infrastructure

The ‘NSW Smart Places Acceleration Program' was announced as a joint recipient of the 2021 Internet of Things – Smart Cities Award

Investing in Regional

Digital initiatives to address disadvantage and inequity for 210,000 students, 1000 in all remote, rural and regional schools including Distance Education

Connecting rural areas with the Smart Places by enabling smart capacities and digital literacy (smart thinking, smart strategies and plans, and the use of data and technologies), in the regions through a multi-pronged program

We are also investigating solutions to make the travel bookings for regional customers by train easier

Digital Identity

NSW customers will soon have more choice and convenience when accessing government services as a result of the NSW Government’s nation-leading investment in the digital identity reform.

The whole-of-government approach to digital identity would give customers the option to use digital credentials for various licences, certifications, qualifications and other eligibility documents.

Improving patient care and records

We are working on creating a single state-wide patient record to create a consistent clinical experience and fast-tracking digital healthcare opportunities. We are also working on digital baby book and digital birth certificates.

Simplifying the transportation needs of customers

Providing email notifications to customers whose licenses are due for renewal.

Driving a major reform of the Transport licensing system, which covers all types of vehicle licenses to make it easier for our customers

We are also looking at digitising the mobility parking usage by customers

Making it easier for Customers/Businesses to interact with Government

We have started to digitise various paper-based time-consuming processes related to licenses to save time for customers (e.g. trades people) and more to come.

We are working on digitising the Birth Certificate

We are working on a digital solution which supports businesses to manage their multiple compliance obligations, whether licenced or not, and which helps regulators manage complaints, compliance and enforcement work. This will deliver a joined-up view of business and government and ultimately support a safer NSW for citizens and a more confident business community

We are also streamlining the DA approval process through e-planning initiative

Digitising the Courts Process

We are digitising the courts processes and system to make the experience less time consuming and easy to navigate.

Tell us Once

We have implemented a number of changes so that customers only need to tell their details once and which will be re used in multiple transactions with Government, saving time and making it easy for our customers

Managing bio diversity and natural hazards response

We are using drone technology and artificial intelligence to monitor the flora bio diversity and population of koalas.

We are helping save lives and property by empowering people across Australia to prepare & respond to multiple hazards with a single trusted source of truth through digital solutions like web and mobile applications using spatial data and air quality monitoring.

Helping Vulnerable members of society

Pilot underway in Western Sydney through collaboration between numerous health and human services agencies to better share information between various agencies to address services needed by vulnerable members of the society.

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