Future ambition

We want to build on our success and continue to deliver transformational experiences to NSW customers.

Evolving our funding model

The Digital Restart Fund drives investment for the NSW economy, and this needs to be recognised in order to achieve increased funding to continue to build on and drive digital outcomes for NSW. As the Digital Restart Fund receives sustained high demand from departments and clusters, we must consider how we will scale the program and address key barriers as we grow.

The way NSW Government serves its customers is evolving. We must consider how the Digital Restart Fund fits more broadly within the government and how to develop a sustainable funding model.

We are exploring opportunities related to:

  • Creating a sustainable funding model across five years to ensure the fund continues to drive digital transformation.
  • Visibility of all ICT/Digital investments across Government and their alignment to Government’s broader digital strategy.
  • Consolidated process and dedicated funding pathways for Whole of Government digital and ICT initiatives funded through DRF and non DRF sources
  • Automation of Digital Restart Fund processes and manage the increased volume of applications.
  • Striking a balance between the fund’s initial aim to modernise frontline systems and also its emphasis on encouraging ground-breaking ideas.
“We need a sustainable fund, there needs to be recognition that digital is driving investment for the NSW economy” Digital Restart Fund Leadership

Other areas where we are looking at include making it easier for applicants to apply for the fund, sponsor education and coaching of delivery teams to name a few.

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