Develop capabilities for the future

Our long-term goals

A world class public service needs the best talent. NSW government will continue to promote a culture that is customer-centric, supportive, inclusive and diverse, using the latest technology, agile work practices, human centred design and data insights.

The future of our workforce is one that:

  • attracts talent with the opportunities of working in leading research and development, innovate technology precincts and contemporary ways to work
  • embraces and maximises the potential of diversity that better reflects our community
  • builds talent via training and retraining pathways supported with public and private sector experiences
  • focuses on developing and retaining talent, particularly in remote and regional areas.
“Having a digitally capable, agile and diverse public sector workforce is critical to ensuring agencies are able to respond to challenges and deliver the services our citizens expect from government — whether they’re in regional or urban NSW.” Chris Lamb, Deputy Commissioner NSW Public Service Commission

Building towards our future

Building skills for the future

We will build the skills we need for the future through the collaboration of education with leading Australian companies, universities, government agencies and industry. Our STEM Industry School Partnerships program will provide an educational model that engages students, inspires them to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and prepares them for STEM enabled careers.

NSW Government Graduate Program

In 2021 the NSW Government Graduate Program ranked first in the Financial Review Top 100 Most Popular Graduate Employers listing. Our program gives graduates extensive mentoring, networking opportunities and a permanent role within the NSW public service. The diverse thinking graduates bring to their roles, help us to remain a contemporary government.

Uplifting capability and supporting digital careers

The Digital and customer capability framework identifies the critical capabilities and skills we need to uplift so we can be the world’s best public service. Meanwhile, our Digital Careers Pathway tool will showcase and support building digital careers in NSW government.

Promoting workplace diversity

We want our workforce to reflect our diverse community by promoting programs such as the NSW government Aboriginal internships program, the disability internship program and initiatives that will ensure parity of women in leadership.

Our strategic objectives are

Build customer service and digital capability in the public sector, especially in regional centres

We want to build the workforce of the future that has technology skills, learns-by-doing, turns data into insights, while encompassing a collaborative customer centric mindset.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

  • empowering students to pursue STEM career pathways by implement projects such as the stem.T4L program
  • training our leaders to develop a set of leadership mindsets, methodologies and behaviours that enable us to deliver world-class customer centric public service
  • using the Digital Service toolkit to provide a cohesive design and delivery practice for NSW Government teams delivering products and services.
  • establishing new services in remote and regional areas, like the Bathurst Vulnerability Management Centre.
Increase diversity of public sector workforce to reflect our community

We want our public service to reflect the diversity within our community. This will ensure we design and deliver services that are inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

Attract, develop and retain talent

Continue to build a strong brand and reputation to entice the best talent. We'll focus on incentives and clear career pathways to retain talent and give our people the opportunity to grow a career they can be proud of.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

  • continuing the highly successful NSW Government Graduate Program
  • building a strong NSW brand with the NSW government brand framework
  • reviewing the feasibility of a customer and digital academy to accelerate training and development of our public service
  • creating incentives, to ensure we retain a diverse and skilled workforce
  • improving cross government talent planning and co-ordinated use of development programs, such as the IT traineeships program.
Partner with academia and industry to develop local talent

The private sector and higher education have a wealth of knowledge and experience. By working with them we can better plan for the future of work and develop talent.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

  • working with tertiary education partners and industry to assist with tailoring programs, qualifications and micro-credentials for key areas of demand
  • making it easier for public servants to connect with NSW research and development networks to learn and gain experience
  • creating innovation procurement pathways where we partner with industry to build experience, knowledge and solve problems
  • using expert panels to access industry specialised advice, such as in artificial intelligence.

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