Note: cluster focus areas are subject to change based on NSW Government priorities and responses to evolving customer needs.

To be Australia’s best education system and one of the finest in the world

Our long-term vision on how we see the Department of Education transforming NSW includes:

  • empowering schools to shape their own digital journey
  • building equity then transformative digital capabilities and experiences
  • aligning the centre to better support schools to achieve their digital objectives.

Horizon 1 (short term)

Design foundation components

  • Implement pilots and deploy quick wins
  • Agree on strategy governance model
  • H1 business case development
  • School Digital strategy SDS communications program

Designing, planning and agreeing

  • Service model redesign
  • Service catalogue design and launch
  • Device strategy ratios finalised for H1
  • Automation pilots
  • Data and analytics strategy and CoE designed
  • Digital maturity baselined

Horizon 2 (medium term)

Digital capability pilots scale across the network

  • Market and vendor selection as required
  • Benefits measurement in place
  • Business change program and PD
  • Create a school-centric service culture

Delivering, building, embedding

  • Service model implemented
  • Service catalogue available
  • Connected schools
  • Device equity increases
  • Learning Management System available
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Student and teacher portals available
  • Streamlined administration

Increasing capability development pace

  • Embedding continual innovation
  • Embedding a school-centric service culture

Evolving, innovating, enhancing

  • Digital service catalogue available
  • Connected learning spaces feature
  • Advanced analytics
  • Learning needs analysis supports student learning pathways
  • Parent portal and communication tools enhance experience
  • Improved digital literacy demonstrated

Horizon 3 (long term)

Developing sector-leading expertise

  • Full inter-departmental integration for digital delivery

Leading digital education service delivery

  • Personalised learning / formative assessment a reality
  • Equity in education access
  • Schools Digital Marketplace embedded
  • Predictive and behavioural analytics support decision making
  • Data and analytics centre of excellence
  • Advanced digital literacy the norm
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