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The beyond digital strategy is a living document.

Every calendar quarter we do a minor release where we review new strategies, policies, frameworks, and programs to update the contents of this strategy where required.

Every 18 months we do a major release where we complete a customer centred approach to review and update any part of the strategy required. This includes research, synthesis and co-design with industry, business, academia, NSW government departments, other jurisdictions, our customers, and digital and customer domain experts.

Historical information will start to be available as we do releases post the November 2021 Major release.

If you’re working on major digital or customer services reform that you believe is relevant for inclusion in this strategy, we would love to hear from you [email protected]

Minor Release May 2022

In this minor release there have been a number of updates related to program developments represented throughout the strategy. In particular, we’ve seen progress around the strategic objective 'Invest for customer outcomes and technology innovation'. In the past few months, we saw:

Please check back for the next minor release, as we are continually updating Beyond Digital with developments across NSW government.

Major Release: November 2021

This major release reflects changes due to the devasting 2019-20 NSW bushfire season and the COVID pandemic. The last major release being November 2019.

Natural disasters and the pandemic have changed NSW. We have seen a rapid uptake of digital to provide workforce mobility, customer care and a need to increase resilience to the services we provide to our communities.

The response to the pandemic required effective co-ordination across government departments and jurisdictions which we will leverage for future government services reform.

The strategic directions objectives and actions have been refined and updated. This release also replaces the strategic directions of “Invest for customer outcomes” and “Deliver better front-line services” with the following:

  • Build a strong digital economy – Extending our invest for customer outcomes to include additional objectives that will rebuild a stronger NSW
  • Deliver safe resilient services – Extending our focus of investing in front line services to include additional transformation to deliver safe and resilient services.
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