Planning, Industry and Environment


Note: cluster focus areas are subject to change based on NSW Government priorities and responses to evolving customer needs.

We serve the people of NSW by developing well-connected communities, preserving our environment, supporting industries and contributing to a strong economy

Our long-term vision on how we see the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment transforming NSW:

  • citizens have personalised experience when interacting with our services and are at the forefront of our program design.
  • our people have seamless digital experience to deliver the best in class service and program outcomes for the communities, environment and industry.
  • our organisations utilise real-time advanced technology to influence decisions that benefit the environment, communities and industries.

Horizon 1 (short term)

  • Consistent use of a customer-centric framework for the development of applications that support our interactions with our customers.
  • Simplification of ERP, business applications and systems to enable our employees to collaborate and work from anywhere more efficiently in the newly formed cluster.
  • Establishment of integration standards, processes and frameworks that support broader information sharing across organisations.

Horizon 2 (medium term)

  • Systems that maintain a single view of the customer to better understand customer needs that enables improved service delivery
  • Utilise best of breed tools to strengthen security of our information assets protecting our customer information and enabling secure collaboration between our partner organisations

Horizon 3 (long term)

  • Implement sensory data collection, automation and AI technologies that allows us to provide a personalised experience for our customers as well as define and execute programs to maintain sustainable environment and thriving communities and industry.
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